How to Live with a Huge Penis!

How to Live with a Huge Penis.

OMG (Oversized Male Genitalia) is a problem that each male member of the Jobbie Crew struggles with every single day….Haha, we wish!

Mexican man says his 19-inch penis is too large for him to work, women are afraid of it!

The book covers things like “sexual intercourse with a huge penis” and “unexpected advantages to having a huge penis” and other goodies.

Living with a huge penis….Do they mean in the Little Shop of Horrors sense, like you’re living with Seymour the man-eating pet penis or do they mean actually being the owner of a huge penis? Read the book to find out!

How to Live with a Huge Penis!

If your penis is longer than this book (8.7 inches), be careful, you may have a case of OMG (Oversized Male Genitalia)! 

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