Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!

Tanner Mayes is a phenomenon.

She is also quite funny and has a really good sense of humor and is very open to discussing pretty much anything.

Tanner is very sweet and we here at Jobbie Crew are glad that we can help transmit her thoughts and insights to you.

Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!

Our main goal with our Exclusive Interviews series is that we want to tell interesting stories accurately.

So here it is. The Scoop from Inside Tanner Mayes’ Head.


Biography: Made in Michigan

Tanner Mayes = Pure Michigan

Born May 31st, 1989, Tanner Mayes grew up in Adrian, Michigan. In 2007, she graduated Adrian High School and in 2008, got into the adult film industry via her friend and fellow actress, Missy Mae.

“My Dad is Costa Rican and my Mom is American. I’ve never been to Costa Rica but the Cloud Forest and entire country looks stunning and I would love to go!”

“I grew up in Adrian, Michigan. Adrian is small town USA. 20,000 people. Everybody knows everybody kind of place. Very nice people.”

Downtown Detroit, Michigan

I love Detroit! Growing up, I never really went there a lot because it’s so far from Adrian, it’s like an hour and a half away. Toledo, Ohio is an hour away. So, yeah, I just mostly hung out in Adrian.”

“Occasionally my friends and I would go to Ann Arbor for shopping but not often because even Ann Arbor is like an hour away!”

Adrian, Michigan

“Adrian is in the middle of nowhere. But that also has a certain appeal too, because Los Angeles can get so hectic and busy and insane and crowded sometimes.”

“Now, I travel all over. Back and forth between L.A. and Detroit mostly. The Los Angeles area is awesome, especially since there’s a lot of fun towns in the outlying areas around L.A.”


Tanner’s Thoughts on the Porn Industry

Global sex industry averages $13 billion dollars per year!

Generating an average of $13 billion dollars per year, the sex industry is the world’s most profitable industry. The anchor of this profitable global sex industry is the American adult film industry.

Tanner Mayes is an adult film actress with millions of followers all over the world. She is a well-known veteran of the industry and this is her tale.

“My agent picked my stage name. My real name is Jill. It’s common in the industry to choose a stage name. So he picked Tanner Mayes, I liked it and we went with it.”

Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!

“The studios liked me as soon as I walked in the door, so I stayed. Everyone thought I had this innocent adorable girl-next-door look. I was instantly popular. My fanbase just grew and grew and grew and now I have an enormous global fanbase. I love all my fans out there, thank you guys!”

I didn’t tell my family right away that their daughter had decided to do porn, but they found out pretty quickly. Initially, they were obviously worried and concerned about my chosen career path. But it was my choice. And they respected that.”

“They were never mad, in fact, they’ve been super understanding over the years. I still see them all the time too, it’s not like my other relatives ostracized me or anything. My porn path is accepted and understood but as you can imagine, not really discussed too much at Thanksgiving (laughs).”

“I started back in 2008 and at this point, I’ve done over 200 movies, so I do about 20 per year.”

San Fernando Valley (aka: San Pornando) California

“The adult film industry is cool. It’s like you can look at it a bunch of different ways. It all depends on where you’re at relative to the industry’s center. All things have a center of gravity and the porn industry is no different. Right now, that center is in Los Angeles in the San Fernado Valley (San Pornando), where it has been for some time. But things change all the time and the center could shift elsewhere one day.”

“Two of the biggest studios in L.A. are Twisty’s and Earl Miller.”

“The industry is pretty big. It’s a huge, sprawling network of studios and production companies, too many to count. Los Angeles and Miami are two of the bigger nodes in the USA.”

Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!

“There’s studios everywhere though like Detroit, Cleveland, even in the state of Maine there’s a studio: Amish Hookers Incorporated (laughs) I’m kidding! But there really is a studio in Maine.”

The good companies have good sets, good pay, they treat you well and respect you, that’s how you know you’re working with a good studio.”

“The adult industry is really cool in a lot of ways. You don’t work a mundane 9-5 job. You get to go into big ass houses. For the most part, there’s a certain camaraderie among pornstars that you don’t find in a lot of other industries. We all hang out together off-set and go to parties and look out for each other, help one another.”

Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!

“I mean, there’s definitely also a surreal aspect to being a pornstar. Millions of guys jackoff to me every day. It’s kind of a power-trip, for sure. There’s also drama, all variety and manner of drama, just like everywhere, any job or industry. The only difference is that in the entertainment industry, everything you do is public all the time, so sometimes stupid little crap gets magnified and blown way out of proportion.”

People like to masturbate, get over it

“I’m an actress. I have an onscreen persona and a private life. There is a difference. However, any actress or actor grapples with the public not being able to separate your onscreen character from your real-life character. Even I have a hard time sometimes separating the two!”

“I used to have an agent but now I freelance. This allows me to go anywhere and work with anyone at any of the production companies or studios that I want to. Downside is I have to pay for my own makeup and clothing but I don’t mind. I prefer the freedom to choose. Freedom of choice is a big philosophical issue for me and I think more people should think about their own choices in life.”


Humans Are Sexual Creatures

Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!

It still amazes me how uptight most of society is about human sexuality. Human beings are sexual creatures. We are. Get over it. We are biologically wired for sex and as long as it’s consensual, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“There are millions of different fetishes, you can’t even imagine some of the stuff I’ve seen over the years, goldfish & doorknobs, there’s millions of different ways to get turned on and it’s okay, again, as long as it’s consensual, not coerced, and mutually enjoyable.”

“If somebody gives you a hard time about your sexual preferences or fetishes or whatever gets you hot, tell ‘em Tanner Mayes said fuck off!


Tanner’s Favorite Co-Star: Bree Olson

Tanner Mayes & Bree Olson

“I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of great people over the years but my favorite person in the world to work with is Bree Olson.”

“Bree is just awesome and beautiful! She’s Ukrainian, she’s from Indiana, we get along really well and I really enjoy working with her. I just think she’s really pretty, cool to work with, and we always have fun.”


Food, Hobbies and Pets


“My favorite food is, you’re gonna laugh, McDonald’s Double Hamburger with a small fry (both laughing). I also like bacon. And to drink, my liquor of choice is Three Olives Loopy. It tastes like Fruit Loops almost, it’s a really interesting and unusual flavor. Plus, the bottle itself has a cool design.”

Three Olives Loopy needs to hire Tanner Mayes as their next highly paid spokesmodel!

“My favorite hobby is exercising. I like going on walks, running on the treadmill, and just working out in general.”

Tanner Mayes’ dog

“I love my pets. Unfortunately, my Pom Pom got hit by a car recently. RIP little buddy. So, I miss the Pomeranian but my Teddy Bear, which is a Maltese-Shiatzu mix, is still alive and well.”


Jobbie Nooner & The Raft Off

The Raft Off, Lake St. Clair, Michigan

“I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing either Jobbie Nooner or The Raft Off.”

“However, I’m really thinking about going out there in 2018 with the Jobbie Crew on their Mystic Maiden pirate ship. So, if you’re lucky, you might see me out there!”


Upcoming Developments

Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!

A lot of things are in development for 2018. I’m working on several new projects and you’ll see me in several new things you haven’t seen me before, so stay tuned!”


Advice for Breaking into the Porn Industry

Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!

Good luck. It’s hard. There’s no easy way in. Only the strongest survive.”


Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!

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Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!
Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!
Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!
Exclusive Interview: American Pornstar TANNER MAYES!
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