Michigan-based company, PriveCo, was started in 1998 by Tom Nardone.

Tom is a well-known and well-loved local serial entrepreneur who has started many successful companies and also the excellent Detroit Mower Gang, a group of volunteers who mow the thousands of abandoned lots in Detroit for free.

PriveCo and Shop in Private specialize in fun, hilarious and naughty prank gifts for your friends (and if you dare, family). Check them out today!

“Gummy Penises: tell someone to eat a bag of dicks!”


“Penis Enlargement Cream: sure to emasculate”


“Vibrating Cunnilingus Snorkel: breathe easy during oral”


“Heeldo Foot Dildo Harness”


“BulletSafe Riot Ready Riot Gear: pads, shield, helmet”


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