Roberto Esquivel Cabrera of Saltillo, Mexico has a 19-inch long penis that weighs 2.2 pounds!

Reality is indeed stranger than fiction. This Mexican man has a 19-inch long penis with a 10-inch diameter and it weighs 2.2 pounds!

Mexican meat south of the border. X-ray of Cabrera’s penis.

This recent article in the New York Daily News says:

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 52, of Saltillo, Mexico detailed the problems with having a penis that is nearly 19 inches long to the Mexican newspaper Vanguardia. He says that women are afraid of the cause of his elephant walk and he cannot have a relationship.

He also said his penis, which has a 10-inch circumference, is too long for him to kneel at church or work and he is living on assistance.

Cabrera’s size would be the largest in the world as his length far extends past current record holder Jonah Falcon, of Brooklyn, who has been measured at 13.5 inches.”

Cabrera covers it with a sock.

Read the article here!

Jonah Falcon (Brooklyn, NYC) his penis is 13.5 inches.

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