This is still a new field and the research is ongoing.

Super Recognizers are people who can memorize and recall unfamiliar faces, even after the briefest glimpse. This is a rare ability that few people are born with.

It is thought that ‘cortical thickness’ – the number of neurons – in the part of the brain that supports face recognition, is a predictor of this superior ability.

Super Recognizers

One of the world’s top Super Recognizers is Yenny Seo, a Korean-Australian woman living in Melbourne, Australia.

Many Super Recognizers are paid huge sums of money by police departments and intelligence agencies to help them locate certain people by their faces.

According to eye-tracking tests, Super Recognizers tend to look the longest and hardest at people’s noses than any other part of their face.


Super Recognizers International (recruitment service based in Kent, England)


Take the UNSW Face Test

Super Recognizers


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