Third Man Records Cass Corridor!

Jack White, even though he slinked off to Nashville, is and will always be a native of Detroit’s Southwest side.

Born in 1975 as John Gillis, he grew up at 1203 Ferdinand Street, SW Detroit. His band The White Stripes got famous playing at Neal Yee’s Gold Dollar Bar (3129 Cass Ave, Detroit) in the Cass Corridor from 1996-2001. After he got rich, Gillis moved to the expensive Detroit neighborhood of Indian Village and lived at 1731 Seminole Street, Detroit before moving down to Nashville.

Detroit’s Jack White!

One of the coolest things Jack White has ever done was to open Third Man Records (441 W. Canfield St, Detroit) and on February 25th, 2017, they will start pressing vinyl in-store! And you can watch it being made!

It should also be noted that Detroit-based Archer Record Pressing Plant (7401 East Davison St, Hamtramck, Michigan) has been going strong pressing vinyl since 1965! Norman Archer started it and now his grandson Mike Archer runs it.

Archer Record pressing plant c. 1965 Detroit!

So, for that Jack White, we thank you. A Seven Nation Army couldn’t hold you back.

Third Man Records (Detroit)

Third Man Records Cass Corridor

Archer Record Pressing Plant (Detroit)

Third Man Records Cass Corridor!


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