Amazing special efx by Joe Dolinich!

The buzz is already snowballing on this movie! And Desi Scarpone is a veteran in the film industry. He is also a talented and original filmmaker in his own right.

And like all of us, he wants to do his own thing independently and for that he needs help from creative like-minded film enthusiasts who need to help a brotha out!

DrYvr kickstarter (contribute funds here)

Beautiful actress Joleigh Fioravanti is on the cast of DrYvr!

Desi’s new film, ‘DrYvr‘ is a feature-length horror thriller that will be shot in Arizona and wrapped in Los Angeles.

DrYvr plot:

“A ride-sharing driver is a serial killer. His world begins to unravel when he meets an unusual girl with problems of her own.”

Desi has done several feature films over the past few decades. He also has one of the world’s largest vintage board game collections and has written several books on the subject.

Also on board are: special efx by Joe Dolinich (From Beyond, The Blob, Ghoulies II, Cellar Dweller) and beautiful actress Joleigh Fioravanti, among others.

Help him out!

Desi Scarpone’s legendary vintage board game collection!

DrYvr kickstarter (contribute funds here)

Desi Scarpone’s legendary board game collection

Books by Desi Scarpone



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