Mackinac Island Summer Jobs (photo by Mack Island Tourism)

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MACKINAC ISLAND, MI – Summer jobs can mean a season of fun, new friends and money in the bank. But working at Michigan’s largest tourist destination takes summer jobs to a whole new level.

Mackinac Island businesses are starting to hire for the summer season. The thousands of jobs available include hospitality staples like resort staff, retail workers and restaurant employees.

But then there are the positions that are just oh-so-Mackinac: ferry boat crews, horse care and carriage tour staff, fudge makers, bike rental spots and even butterfly conservatory helpers.

Most of these jobs are for the core summer months. But some can start as early as April and others can stretch into fall. Many of the island’s resorts, hotels and businesses stay open until late October. In recent years, more retirees have been joining the ranks of college-age summer workers.

“Seasonal workers are the heartbeat of Mackinac Island’s vibrant tourism industry, providing invaluable contributions that ensure unforgettable experiences for visitors from far and wide,” said Tim Hygh, executive director of the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau. “There aren’t many destinations where workers come from all over the world and from so many walks of life. A season of work on Mackinac is much more than a job. It’s an experience rich with new adventures, lifetime friends and memories.”

Others include help finding housing either on the island or in Mackinaw City or St. Ignace on the mainland. If the employee housing is off-island, some employers arrange for a ferry pass that can be used to go to and from the job.

Much like other popular tourist destinations, employees in customer-focused jobs on Mackinac are asked to put an emphasis on hospitality. As one landmark resort famously tells its employees during orientation: “You are not just representing this hotel when you’re with guests, you’re creating the Mackinac experience.”

This year, about 5,000 summer workers are needed to make all areas of the island run smoothly.

About 1,000 of those are typically jobs supported by the United States’ H-2B visa program, which allows international workers to come here for temporary employment.

Mackinac Island Summer Jobs (photo by Mack Island Tourism)

Interested in applying for a Mackinac Island job this summer?

There are a few ways to go about it:

  • Follow the Mackinac Island Job Posting Page on Facebook, where island employers post help-wanted messages. Some are very transparent about the hourly pay, job details, and whether the position comes with housing or a meal plan.
  • Check out the island-wide jobs portal on the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau’s website. It has an “Apply Now” link that lets people to enter their contact information, upload their resume and select the types of jobs they’re most interested in. Once uploaded, this information is shared with all the tourism bureau’s members on the island, so job opportunities can be matched with people’s preferences.
  • If you are really interested in a specific job or business, your best bet is to reach out to businesses directly. Here is a link to all of the businesses on the island, so you can call or email them directly.

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