Detroit 9000

The new Redford Theatre Annex is located next door to the main Redford Theatre.

Inside the annex, the Motor City Cinema Society (MCCS) is screening cool 16mm prints of old movies.

Detroit 9000 (1973) is an awesome blaxploitation crime drama shot entirely in Detroit.

Detroit 9000


After a fundraiser for a black politician is robbed, Detroit police put two detectives, one white and one black, on the case, who try to work together under boiling political pressure.


A number of now demolished landmark buildings can be seen including the J.L. Hudson Company, and the Fort Street Terminal train station. Fort Street Station was already closed when filming was taking place and the approach tracks to the station were used for a chase scene. The now restored Book Cadillac Hotel was used in the reception scenes, including the hotel’s famed crystal ballroom. The final shootout takes place in historic Elmwood Cemetery. Also, Sacred Heart Seminary stands in for the “Longview Sanitarium”, where Bassett goes to visit his institutionalized wife. The hospital is Detroit Memorial Hospital on St. Antoine St. (torn down in 1987.) The old Detroit Police headquarters at 1300 Beaubien Street.

What:          Detroit 9000 (1973)

When:         Monday, March 04, 2024

Where:        Redford Theatre Annex (17360 Lahser, Detroit, MI)

Time:          6:30p.m. doors/ 7:00 p.m. film

Cost:           $5.00

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