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On April 8, Roman Fedortsov, a commercial fisherman who operates a deep-sea trawler out of Murmansk, Russia, posted a picture of one of the strangest fish you’ll ever set eyes on. Fedortsov is known for the oddball fish he catches but this one outdoes the rest. T

he fish sports a fleshy pink mouth and a scaly black body extending to a lizard-like tail. The fish’s eyes are protruding grotesquely.

According to Federtsov, the fish is a “big-eyed macrurus,” though Field & Stream has been unable to verify the species. USA Today reports that the fish may instead be a “Macrourus berglax,” a deepwater species also known as a roughhead grenadier or onion-eye grenadier. Either way, it’s strange.

Fedortsov’s weird fish

Kошмары: Russian Deep Sea Fisherman Compiles Photo Gallery of Monsters That He’s Caught!

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