Head Case Luggage Covers

Needless to say, these luggage covers are absolutely hilarious. Who would have thought that seeing your face stretched over a suitcase could be so entertaining (and a bit terrifying)? But what may be considered by others a silly gag gift can actually prove to be useful.

Have you ever mistaken someone else’s luggage for your own and arrived at your destination with a whole new set of clothes? Trust us, it’s not a fun experience. 


To avoid that you have to change your suitcase from a simple gray box to something much more recognizable. Hence, the Head Case Luggage Covers.

They come in three different sizes to accommodate your own luggage. All you need to do is send your photo, choose the size, and wait. 


You better not lose your luggage (or head) on the next vacation you take. These Head Case Luggage Covers will help you with that.



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