Dunkaroos were a popular snack in the 90’s, then they vanished and now….they’re back! You can even buy them at 7-11.

Martin House Brewing Company (Fort Worth, TX) created a beer using Dunkaroos and named it DunkAbroos, but they carefully sourced their ingredients to make sure the beer tasted just like Dunkaroos.

Dunkaroos Beer DunkaBroos

The 8% ABV beverage is brewed with cookies, vanilla cream, lactose, and sprinkles. Each sip will taste like the cookie and frosting snack we know and love.

“The flavors have been replicated perfectly. It’s a sweet, cookie-filled brew that even has that frosting finish (like when you save all the cream for the last cookie – y’all know what we’re talking about)!” they wrote in their Instagram caption announcing the new product.

Dunkaroos Beer DunkaBroos

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