Buy DIY Micro-Camper

When in boat mode, the unique DIY micro-camper boat can seat up to 4 people and measures 12 feet long x 4 feet wide with a weight capacity of 750 lbs.

Flip the boat back into camper mode, and it’ll sleep 2 adults comfortably, and measures 7 feet long x 4 feet wide x 4.5 feet tall.

It’s perfect for camping lovers, fishing lovers, hunting lovers, or someone who’s just looking to test their woodworking or boat building abilities.

The builder can add things such as a canvas canopy over the hull modules, an attached fold up exterior camper tent for use on rainy days, a folding mast and rudder to take advantage of prevailing winds, and more.

The basic geometry of the hull is simple, so adding functional components should pose no problem to ambitious builders.

The primary feature of the DIY micro-camper boat is it’s multi-functionality

The mini Camper Cruiser weighs just 125 lbs when empty

The camper boat can fit into large pickup truck beds or onto open trailers

The DIY camper boat has a hull speed of about 6 mph with a small motor

You can attach an outboard motor or use oars to get around while in boat mode

The simple plans allow anyone to build the Mini Camper Cruiser with common tools

When in boat mode it has a shallow draft of about 4 inches with a full load of 750 lbs

The mini camper boat can comfortably sleep up to 2 adults when in camper mode

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