Top 10 Boat Party Tips for Jobbie Nooner, Raft Off, Bud Bash, or any boat party anywhere!


As with every boat party everywhere, PLEASE be respectful of the people who live in the area.

Don’t block their docks, don’t tie up to their docks, don’t walk around on their backyard properties, etc.

Just be cool, have fun and remember these tips.


Top 10 Boat Party Tips


1.) Please throw your trash away in a garbage bag! DO NOT litter! Littering is stupid and pointless. Tie some bags to your boat for others to use. These are great heavy duty trash bags:

Hefty Strong Large Trash Bags (Multipurpose, Unscented, Drawstring, 30 Gallon, 56 Count)


2.) Respect ALL law enforcement! They have a hard enough time dealing with goofy dipshit assholes every day and don’t need any aggravation from you.

We here at the Jobbie Crew support all American law enforcement (and U.S. military for that matter) 100% and so should you.


3.) This is an adult event. Do not bring your children.


4.) Whatever you do, stay hydrated with WATER!


5.) Always have a Designated Driver for your boat. DO NOT drive your boat (or car) drunk!


6.) Do not bring glass bottles


7.) Yes, the ladies are beautiful. NO TOUCHING (unless invited).


8.) Read the DNR Handbook of Boating Laws and Responsibilities:


9.) Don’t be an asshole. And don’t bring assholes on your boat to these events. If you knowingly bring assholes to these events, you yourself are an asshole.


10.) If you are a boat owner, you are Captain and master of your ship and 100% responsible for everything that happens on your boat and for everyone you bring to the event. Keep this in mind, always.


JobbieCrew’s 60 photos of HOT BOAT PARTY GIRLS!

Michigan Boat Parties (photo courtesy of Courtney Zosterini)



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