The sport’s biggest event, the World Professional Darts Championship,  will be held from December 15 2023-January 3 2024, as 96 players compete for the Sid Waddell Trophy and £2.5 million in prize money.

On top of that, this is probably one of the most fun (and drunk) crowds in all of sports.

Although darts are available in a wide range of weights (from 18 – 40 grams), the majority of players throw with darts weighing 18 – 23 grams when using brass, and 23 – 26 grams when using tungsten. The legal weight limit of the major overseeing organizations is 50 grams.

The different types of darts you can choose from may be made from, brass, nickel, silver, or tungsten. Each material offers the player a different weight, grip, shaft, and flights.

Come check it out!

World Professional Darts Championship (photo by WPDC)

What:          World Professional Darts Championship

When:          December 15, 2023 – January 03, 2024

Where:         London, England



A night out at the World Darts Championships surrounded by giant Marios, Christmas puddings, Grinches, Greggs sausage rolls and Teletubbies

There are many games that you can play on a dartboard.

The most well known game is ‘501’ , but here a few of the other variants:

  • Around the Clock
  • Chase the Dragon
  • Hoggern
  • Shanghai
  • Killer
  • Cricket
  • Grand National
  • High Striker
  • Mulligan

These games vary by rules, mechanics, objectives, the number of players required, and the point system used.

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