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ORION TWP., MI – Michigan is full of waterslides, but only one place has launch slides. New for 2023, these fast, steep slides, located on a beach, will send you flying into the water.

They’re located at Water Warrior Island water park inside Bald Mountain State Park (3361 South Lapeer Rd, Lake Orion, MI) which is just north of Auburn Hills.

There are 3 slides in all, each 30-feet high sending sliders down at around a 75-degree angle. At the bottom, sliders are launched high into the air, like jumping off of a swing, getting plenty of airtime before splashing into the water.

Water Warrior Island Lake Orion (photo by Water Warrior)

“It’s called the “Water Whoa Slide.” It’s the first one in the country,” Water Warrior Island co-owner, Sam Fulton excitedly told MLive. “It launches you about 20-feet out. Each slide launches you a little higher.”

It’s $5 for one slide, $10 for three slides, $15 for five slides or $25 for 10 slides. You can also slide as much as you want beginning at 6 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays and beginning at 7 p.m. on weekends for $55. Sliders must weigh a minimum of 75 pounds.

The park also has an inflatable water park in the middle of the lake along with kayak and paddle board rentals. Floating cabanas are also new for this year.

Water Warrior Island Lake Orion (photo by Water Warrior)

“This is just a full-fun experience all the way around for summer fun with the inflatables, launch slides and floating cabanas.” said Aaron Fulton. “This is a great family fun-filled day out at the beach,” added Sam Fulton. “It’s a place where people can make great memories all summer long.

Water Warrior Island, itself, is free to enter and hang out at the beach and swim in the lake. You do need a State Recreation Pass to get into Bald Mountain State Park. If you didn’t buy one when renewing your driver’s license, you can get one at the park entrance for $18 and it’s good for a full year at any Michigan state park.



Water Warrior Island Lake Orion (photo by Water Warrior)
Water Warrior Island Lake Orion (photo by Water Warrior)

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