peanut Clint Eastwood by Steve Casino!

That’s right, folks! Once these little babies are sealed, sculpted and painted you can’t eat ’em. But why would you want to ruin such cool art anyway!?!

peanut art by Steve Casino

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, peanut artist STEVE CASINO, has been creating some outstanding art from…peanuts!

peanut Yoda by Steve Casino

He has created around 250 unique peanut sculptures and according to his website, the process is always the same:

– Remove nuts from shell

– Seal the shell with archival urethane and glue back together

– Peanut is sculpted and painted (takes around 20 hours!) then coated in clear acrylic

– Final product is sealed inside a glass dome

peanut hot dog by Steve Casino

Steve’s custom peanut sculptures cost roughly $300.00-$1,000.00. You can reach Steve with your comission inquiry here:

peanut Trump by Steve Casino

Steve Casino homepage

Steve Casino facebook page

Steve Casino twitter

Steve Casino instagram

Breaking Bad by Steve Casino
Wonkaland by Steve Casino
The Joker by Steve Casino
Gandhi by Steve Casino
Now where’s that crazy Waldo????
peanut self-portrait by Steve Casino


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