Team Sandtastic (professional sand sculpting group based in Sarasota, Florida)

Sand is a hard medium to work in. Unless you’re professional sand sculptor Mark Mason. Mason runs Team Sandtastic, an outstanding group of professional sand-sculptors based in Sarasota, Florida.

Team Sandtastic

Team Sandtastic has four full-time sculptors and dozens of associates who do 60-80 LARGE sand sculptures per year (we’re talking 1500+ tons of well-packed sand) all over the world for between $1,000-$100,000/pop.

Mark Mason (far left) head of Team Sandtastic

Mason has been doing this for over 20 years and the basic tools remain the same: shovel, paint brush, cake icing spreader, melon baller, unlimited creativity.

Mark Mason and Team Sandtastic in DETROIT 2015!

JobbieCrew saw Mark Mason and Team Sandtastic doing their sand sculptures live at Detroit Riverfest 2015 and we were blown away by the sheer enormity and complexity of their work.

28ft 7in world’s tallest sand castle built by Team Sandtastic!

Team Sandtastic won the World Championship Sand Sculpting Competition and they also hold a Guinness World Record for their 28ft 7in hand-built sand castle. World’s tallest sand castle, built in under 100 man hours!

Team Sandtastic

If you or your company are looking for something unique, hire Mason and Team Sandtastic to make your event memorable! Michigan has 1,220 beaches. Or the sand can be trucked in.

Team Sandtastic

Team Sandtastic
Mark Mason
[email protected]
(941) 359-0868
Sarasota, Florida

Team Sandtastic homepage

Team Sandtastic Guinness World Record!

Team Sandtastic facebook page

Team Sandtastic @ Detroit Riverfest 2015!

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