ICON A5 ($189,000.00)

The ICON A5 recently passed its critical FAA audit and is now ready for market!

ICON A5 on trailer hitch.

ICON A5 is a light-sport amphibious carbon fiber monoplane with retractable undercarriage and 2-person cockpit. This badass little baby can touch down on both land and water. If it’s good enough for Mexican cartels, it’s good enough for you.

ICON A5 two-person cockpit

ICON A5 stats:

– 120mph
– 1000lbs
– 34ft wingspan
– 7ft high
– 100hp Rotax912 engine gets 350 miles per tank on regular gas

ICON A5 in the jungle, just chillin’

Currently, there are already 1, 250 backlog orders. Serial product starts September 2015 at ICON’s 140,000sq ft factory in Vacaville, California. If you order now, it will be delivered in 2018.

Two sweeties, a duffel bag full of cocaine and their precious ICON A5

So in 2018, you can pop it on the trailer hitch, hook it up to your car, find the nearest lake and boogie!

Questions? Call (424) 201-3505

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