Stripchat VR masturbation breaks at work

Thanks to The Chive for this:

Perverts, get your résumés ready! This company is giving its employees the opportunity to…masturbate during work hours. They’ve even ordered custom-built “wank-pods” to assist them in completing the act.

This strange new work perk was introduced by Stripchat, an adult website and social network that has over 200 employees.

The brand’s Nicosia, Cyprus office sent out four high-tech pods with ‘masturbatory accessories’ for the ultimate VR experience. It comes complete with an Oculus Quest VR headset and 4K LED screen to watch the film of their choice – but I doubt they’ll be choosing Shrek.

Stripchat VR masturbation breaks at work

The outside appears as a large black sphere but the inside is decked out with a chair to sit back and relax, lotion, lube and, of course, tissues.

Employees will get a 30-minute pleasure break during work hours as the company aims to “provide current and attract new employees with a safe, comfortable space to rub one out.”

And now, Stripchat is offering the experience to other companies. They’ll be able to lease out the pods for up to $50,000 for six months which will include a VIP subscription to its platform.

So if you’re looking for a new job and just can’t hold it in, well, I guess you found your place. Or maybe you can convince your current boss to get in on this program. Or just go to therapy or something, whichever works for you.


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