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Are you funny? Witty? Do you have a natural ability to make people laugh? Then share your gift of humor with the world! Join the Jobbie Crew Writing Team.

For the last 10 years now the Jobbie Crew has brought you some of the best stories from around the world with a focus on the Metro Detroit area. is a fun, international variety blog, based in Detroit. We also truly enjoy promoting the Boating lifestyle and everything else that goes along with it.

We are looking to bring in some new prospective writers (especially females with a sense of humor) to the website.

Over the past few years, 5.2 million unique visitors have visited our website and news feed.

Write from anywhere!

The Jobbie Crew is looking for guest contributors, whether you just want to write one article daily/weekly or write a weekly sex article (which we are looking to do) we are open to suggestions and possibilities.

We are looking to create an open writing environment (no politics) for you and all of our followers!

Our website runs on the WordPress platform. We are Google indexed every day and consistently ranked among the top searches, along with all popular search engines.

We are looking to both enhance & create some new and exciting categories:

Boating know how
News and happenings
General entertainment
Sex education and articles

We are also open to all other suggestions.

We are looking to make a fun, interactive and inclusive website.

If you’re interested, contact us at:

[email protected] 

Jobbie Crew Detroit

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