Rada Kecman

From the Danube to the Adriatic.

25-year old singer and Instagram star Radojka (Rada) Kecman and her friend have been jailed after Serbian police discovered assault rifles, pistols, silencers and ammo at her apartment, reportedly intended for a crime syndicate in Montenegro.

Police found two assault rifles in her apartment in Novi Sad, during a raid three weeks ago.

That was only the beginning, however.

Rada Kecman

The real motherlode was struck during the second raid, at the house of her acquaintance Svetozar Zivkovic in the village of Bajmok near Subotica.

There, police confiscated eleven Kalashnikovs, 11 air pistols converted to firearms, ten silencers, and a large quantity of ammunition, according to the Serbian Ministry of Interior (MUP).

They identified Zivkovic, 59, as a citizen of Sweden.

Rada Kecman

It is claimed that the weapons may have been intended for the so-called Skaljar Clan, an organized crime group based in Kotor, Montenegro.

The Skaljars have reportedly been feuding with another Kotor-based gang since 2014, over the disappearance of some 200 kilos of cocaine from their safehouse from Valencia, Spain.

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Rada Kecman

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