Ron Wallace (Greene, Rhode Island) 2,230-lb. giant pumpkin!

Ron Wallace is one of the world’s top giant pumpkin growers.

Ron Wallace and his very large, very orange child.

Mr. Wallace recently grew a 2,230lb pumpkin with a 224-inch circumference at his headquarters, the famous Wallace Farms (860 Plainfield Pike, Greene, Rhode Island).

Ron Wallace giant pumpkin seeds sell up to $1,000.00

He shattered his own world record of growing a 2,009lb. giant pumpkin in 2012.

Giant Pumpkin Competition.

Born in 1965, Mr. Wallace has grown pumpkins competitively as a hobbyist for decades and his giant pumpkin seeds sell up to $1,000.00 on Ebay.

Ron Wallace pumpkin patch

In the state of Michigan there are also many pumpkin “weigh-offs” and our reigning champ here is Mark Clementz of Holly, Michigan.

“Look at the size o’ that boys head. It’s like an orange on a toothpick. His heads like Sputnik!”-So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993, Mike Myers)

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the famous Ron Wallace giant pumpkin seeds!

Buy Wallace Wow giant pumpkin seeds!

Ron Wallace facebook page

Buy book: How to Grow World-Class Pumpkins

Michigan Giant Pumpkin Growers facebook

Mark Clementz (Holly, Michigan) giant pumpking growing champion!


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