Pollen, an events marketing company based in London, England, bills itself as the new global marketplace for experiences.

Co-founded in 2014 by brothers Liam & Callum Negus-Fancey, Pollen has 50,000 members and sells over 300,000 experiences per year.

Pollen (formerly called Verve) promotes group experiences to a demographic of primarily 16-35 year old’s.

The company generates revenue by charging an 18% commission.


Pollen is essentially a members-only community that curates and shares experiences for you and your friends to discover.

From festivals, events, dining experiences, island escapes, private chartered yacht trips, and beyond, they want to encourage in-person group experiences.

One facet of Pollen is the ability to unlock shared rewards. This means that the more friends you bring to an event, the better the rewards.


Hook your network up with special perks like complimentary passes, VIP upgrades backstage access, free drinks, special pricing, skip-the-line entry and access to Pollen lounges at select events.

Pollen works with over 500 event planners (ie:music festival & concert organizers, nightclub owners, etc) including Live Nation, MGM Resorts, TAO, Hakkasan, AEG & C3; and secured partnerships with Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, Priceline, StubHub and SeeTickets, and negotiates a certain amount of tickets to these that will be marketed to Pollen members.

Pollen (London, England)


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