Join the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association for its annual North American Space Summit in downtown Detroit. 

Hear from some of the world’s most influential leaders in the space industry.

North American Space Summit (Traverse City)


Summit Subject Areas:

  • Quantum Computing: Exploring the transformative potential of quantum computing in space missions, including optimization of trajectory calculations, data analysis, and simulation of complex systems.
  • Autonomy & Autonomous Systems: Advanced autonomous systems technologies for use in ground and aerial vehicles as well as automation technologies for operational environments.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Integration of AI in space systems, from autonomous spacecraft operations to intelligent decision-making, and the role of AI in enhancing mission success rates.
  • Machine Learning: Examining the application of machine learning algorithms in processing vast amounts of space data, improving image recognition, anomaly detection, and enabling more efficient resource allocation.
  • Cybersecurity: Addressing the emerging challenges in securing space systems from cyber threats and highlighting strategies to fortify the resilience of space infrastructure and communication networks.


North American Space Summit (Traverse City)

Attendees will learn about the boundless opportunities for commercial organizations to grow this nearly $424 billion industry, the benefits and prospects of government partnerships as well as industry issues, trends and the latest technology.

The summit will feature more than 30 educational and networking sessions for attendees to learn about the next generation of space-enabled communications, autonomous vehicle technology, space supply chains, government applications, funding sources and more.

There will also be a chance for attendees to connect with NASA ‘s largest contractors, including Boeing and Dynetics.

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North American Space Summit (Traverse City)

What:          annual North American Space Summit

When:         October 2-3, 2023

Where:        Atheneum Hotel (1000 Brush St, Detroit, MI)

Cost:           $700.00


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North American Space Summit (Traverse City)

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