Just in the JobbiCrew.com newsroom comes a study that proves the more unprotected sex you have the greater the odds of getting pregnant!

Michelle had unprotected sex and got prgnant

“We only had sex 4 times said Michelle (19yo from Battle Creek) and then I ended up pregnant! I just don’t understand it! When we ask if she used a condom “Of course not! He said he can’t feel anything when he does! That’s not fair to him” When we asked if he is still ion the picture Michelle said ” No, he said he need his space so we are on a break right now”



Nigella Cooter from the Reproductive Analogy Group

The survey interviews 500 pregnant women and discovered that all but one had unprotected sexual intercourse. “We proved our theory that unprotected sex leads to pregnancy” Said Nigella Cooter for the Reproductive Analogy Group a group funded from partisan funds and some super PAC’s however, she refused to name who was behind the study.

“Who funded the research doesn’t matter just the results,” said Cooter ” We are here to report the facts” when pressed on how much was spent on the study all we could ascertain was somewhere between 500,000 and 750,000 dollars

Marion Fletcher (21)

When we interviewed anther subject from the study Marion Fletcher (21) said “we only had unprotected sex twice. It had to be the condoms fault. My lawyer said we have a good case. My baby is going to be rich!” When we asked about the two times she did have sex without the condom Marion stated “It wasn’t then. I know it, the condom must have failed”



So folks it does turn out that if you have unprotected sex you may just get pregnant! You have been warned!



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