Do you know the 200/600 rule? You should or it could cost you!

Starting this year the new 6 feet by 6 1/2 feet signs will be up along the channels and river.

New signs to up along the channels and river

“This is the only place in the state of Michigan where that rule is in effect,” St. Clair County Commissioner Bill Gratopp said. “And what the sheriff tells me is when they stop people, they say, ‘We didn’t know.’”

The Jobbie Crew has put together this high definition chart of No Wake zones for Anchor Bay/Lake St Clair/North, Middle and South Channel

Download the chart here




The law requires boats less than 26 feet in length to maintain no-wake speed within 200 feet of shore, while boats more than 26 feet in length must maintain no-wake speed within 600 feet of shore. The rule is designed to protect the shore from damage caused by the waves generated by fast-moving boats.

See the actual DNR laws here

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