Natalia Starr

Natalia Starr, 26, is looking for love. The adult movie actress revealed to her Reddit audience during another AMA (ask me anything).

Starr started working in the adult entertainment industry when she was 19. Polish star said that all interested men should contact her via Instagram. Well, good luck with that!

Some wanted to know how she chose life in the xxx industry. She says:

“Freedom! Being able to do whatever I wanted! I skipped studying and college and now I am successful.”

Natalia Starr

As for the acting side of her job, she’s still struggling with remembering her lines:

“Oh my god – every time I try to act. I can’t remember the scripts! I can remember a few words and then I completely forget what I learned, I can’t read it and stay serious!”

The 26-year-old blonde bombshell also answered the age-old questions: which celebrity would she have sex with:

“Bradley Cooper, Thor I would f*** the s*** out of all of them!”

Natalia Starr

Natalia didn’t beat around the bush. When she was asked: “How’s life?”, she was quick to respond:

“I am chillin’ I am looking for a boyfriend.”

And of course, people wanted to know what will the lucky guy get regarding sex. She said it is “a completely different kettle of fish to what you see on your laptop/mobile//PC/TV/tablet/all of the above.”

“It is different! There are no cameras and you can go and be yourself! I love when guys moan – show me some emotion!”

Natalia Starr

If you resemble Bradley Cooper or Thor, you can apply using DM’s on Starr’s Instagram.

One Reddit user warned Starr:

“RIP your inbox, girl.”

Whatever comes from this Q&A, we hope that the blonde beauty finds someone who will appreciate her as a person, as much as they will enjoy her looks!

Or, at least, they’ll both have some much needed fun!

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Natalia Starr
Natalia Starr
Natalia Starr

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