Do your balls sweat?

Are women afraid to put their nostrils or any part of their beautiful bodies near your nether region for fear of wanton contamination?

Does rampant humidity cause your sack to stick to your inner thigh like a velcroed lump of funness?


Do you purposely dip your balls in a homemade Testicle Bath three times a day to cleanse and refresh them?

Are you constantly reaching into your pants, touching your balls and then smelling your fingers to see how badly they reek?

Girls, are you always wondering what to buy your man for his birthday?


Well, worry no further! New York City’s Joe Caccamo has you covered with his invention called NADKINS.

Nadkins are 100% natural and non-toxic, wet nap style towelettes to clean your junk.

They contain allantoin (cleans away dead skin), aloe vera, vitamin E, grapefruit essence, colloidal oatmeal protectant (soothes dry itchy skin) and menthyl lactate (cools and refreshes).


Buy yours today!

Nadkins (10-pack for $12.50)



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