Michigan’s Top 11 Water Trails (according to Michigan’s DNR)

Michigan’s DNR (Dept. of Natural Resources) has listed Michigan’s Top 11 Water Trails. Why an arbitrary number like 11 and not a cool round number like 10 or 20? We don’t know. But we do love Michigan’s many fantastic water trails, fishing, boating and all 11,000 of our lakes, baby.

Michigan DNR’s Top 11 Michigan Water Trails

1. Au Sable River

2. Blueways of St. Clair

3. Chain of Lakes
4. Saginaw Bay Blueways

5. Huron River Water Trail
6. Inland Waterway

7. Shiawassee Heritage River Water Trail
8. Detroit Heritage River Water Trail

9. Lake Huron Blueways
10. Hiawatha Water Trail

11. Isle Royale National Park

 Honorable Mentions
1. St. Joseph River Water Trails

2. Grand River Heritage Water Trail

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