McMenamin’s UFO Festival

Every year, thousands of visitors flock to McMinnville, Oregon, a quiet Willamette Valley town located an hour SW of Portland, to attend the annual McMenamin’s UFO Festival.

Alien-themed parades, pet costume contests and spaceship landing parties unfold at this long-running UFO fest, a destination for alien abduction survivors and those who want to believe.

McMenamin’s UFO Festival

They always line up several great speakers, as well.

Founded in 1999, the McMenamins UFO Festival began as a way to honor the famous 1950 Trent sighting and has evolved into an epic celebration of all things extraterrestrial.

UFO photograph taken by Paul Trent in McMinnville, Oregon, USA. Circa 1950.

The UFO Costume Parade is a wildly popular feature of the event.

McMenamin’s UFO Festival

What:          McMenamin’s UFO Festival

When:         May 13-19-20, 2023

Where:        McMenamins Hotel Oregon (310 NE Evans St, McMinnville, OR)





Bob Lazar spoke at McMenamin’s UFO Festival in 2019
McMenamin’s UFO Festival

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