HUGE 93-lb. Petoskey stone “stolen” from Lake Michigan.

Michigan resident and Manistee County rock hunter, Tim O’Brien, saw a beautiful 93-lb. petoskey stone in Lake Michigan. So, on September 22nd, 2015, he did what any souvenir treasure seeker would do, he liberated it.

beautiful Petoskey stone. The D.N.R. is out for Tim O’Brien’s blood until they get it back. They’ve been combing the rural West Michigan countryside for O’Brien whom they claim can be considered a “DNR fugitive.”

In an official statement, the Michigan D.N.R. said “homie don’t play dat” and they have been trying to haul him in for questioning.

Ownership Battle: Who does this belong to? Tim O’Brien? Michigan’ Dept. of Natural Resources? The State of Michigan? The city of Northport? Native American water ghosts? Help us solve this controversy, someone!

Petoskey stones are 350-mil. year old fossilized Devonian coral and they are the State of Michigan’s Official State Stone.

This particularly large specimen was found off the coast of Northport, Michigan, about 30-miles north of Traverse City at the tip of the beautiful Leelanau Peninsula.

The entire Jobbie Crew has vowed to go without sleep until the case of this mysterious Petoskey Stone Theft is settled once and for all. Join us in our sleepless pursuit of The Truth!

Read the news story here!

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