First off, what is the Mile High Club?

The Mile-High Club (MHC) is a slang term for people who have had sex while on board a flying aircraft.  The altitude for this is more than or equal to 5,280 feet or as some say “a mile high in the sky.”

Love Cloud is a romantic scenic air tour company that is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Whether it is for celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Valentines Day, special occasion, or just for fun, Love Cloud helps couples fly in a twin engine pressurized aircraft around the skies of Las Vegas and allow them to reach new heights by enjoying romantic flights over Las Vegas.

Love Cloud will help you join the Mile High Club. You go to the North Las Vegas Airport and take off in a twin-engine Cessna 414 airplane.

Love Cloud Mile High Club

These Las Vegas scenic tours consist of:

  • Romantic Dinner Flights
  • Wedding and Vow Renewal Flights
  • Mile High Club Experience Flights.

Daytime Flights – consists of a tour of the Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Meade, and the Las Vegas strip.

Night time Flights – consist of a continuous flight over the beautiful bright lights of Las Vegas and a final low pass of the Las Vegas Strip.


Love Cloud: join the Mile High Club



Love Cloud Mile High Club
Love Cloud Mile High Club
Love Cloud Mile High Club
Love Cloud Mile High Club

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