Thanks to Motor1 for this:

Kurt Morello from Woodstock, Georgia, he had a Frankenstein’s monster-type vision for an old Chevy 3500 work truck and a 24-foot boat.

Kurt is a naval architect and hot rodder and he built this “Sharktruck“, which is powered by a 5.7L V8 engine that’s “pretty standard,” the Shark Truck weighs 6,000 pounds (2,721.5 kg) and sits 7 feet high.


Inside, you can sit up to 9 people, including the driver and a passenger on the custom bench seating. In the rear, six or seven more people can sit on L-shaped benches, with a rollercoaster-style lap bar instead of seat belts.

Yes, it’s a shark truck. Or a truck boat. Or a land yacht. Whatever you choose to call it, this thing is weird and certainly imaginative.


The boat is mounted to the dump bed, allowing the entire shell to lift up for entry and exit. With no doors, Kurt filled in the gaps behind the fenders, built a custom floor, and to match the seating position behind the boat’s windshield, the pedals had to be extended.

The front suspension was dropped three inches but even with that tweak, visibility is sketchy at best. That’s why there are four exterior cameras connected to a single screen in the custom dash, offering unobstructed views of all angles.


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