Marijuana Landrace Strains

Yes, you smoke marijuana but have you heard of Landrace Strains before?

Landrace Strains are strains of marijuana that are genetically pure. They have not been crossbred with any other varieties and therefore have less diluted DNA than other strains.

Landrace Strains are indigenous to certain parts of the world. They are direct descendants from the original strain.

Some examples:

Hindu Kush (Indian-Pakistan), Pure Afghan (Afghanistan), Lamb’s Bread (Jamaica), Acapulco Gold (Mexico), Durban (Africa), Panama Red (Central America), etc.

Marijuana Landrace Strains

Due to selective breeding, modern hybrid strains are far more powerful, stronger, potent than landrace strains in terms of getting you high.

A good analogy is cars. You have the Model T (landrace strain) versus the newest Lamborghini (modern hybrid strain). Which one do you think is faster, better?

Marijuana Landrace Strains

Green House Seed Bank was launched in 2013 in Amsterdam. They are run by a team of Strain Hunters led by owner Arjan Roskam (who also owns Green House Coffeeshop).

The Strain Hunters are a small group of cannabis experts who scour the globe in search of rare Landrace Strains. Their goal is to preserve and share them with growers and breeders all over the world.

Once transplanted to another area/climate, some of the characteristics of the original landrace strain plant will be lost.

Strain Hunters Forum

Marijuana Landrace Strains

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