Kim Anami vaginal weightlifter

Thanks to Kim Anami for sending this in:

Kim Anami is a sex coach and “vaginal weightlifter” and this is from her blog. She also teaches “vaginal kung fu” classes.

Kim Anami vaginal weightlifter

A Deep Throating Love Song

A wise woman once said: 

“The fastest way to find your voice is to wedge a cock deep down into your throat.” 

That woman happens to be me. 

Did you know that you can even have a throat-gasm? 

Yes, it’s possible to orgasm with a cock down your throat. 

As a lovesong and ode to cock and to deep throating, here’s my list of the top six personal growth benefits YOU receive from a regular deep throating practice.


Kim’s Deep Throating Love Song podcast

Kim Anami vaginal weightlifter
Kim Anami vaginal weightlifter

Lit Vagina = More Cash

Orgasmic Enlightenment & The Art of “Vaginal Kung Fu” from the World’s Top Vaginal Weight Lifter: Kim Anami!

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