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The woman who lost both her legs below the knee in the Lake Michigan “Playpen” boating accident last year has taken another step forward in her recovery.

Lana Batochir was on a raft attached to a boat in August 2022 when a captain of a nearby boat reversed into the raft she was on.

That’s when the mother of two was pulled underneath the boat and both her feet were severed by the propeller.

Lana Batochir Chicago Playpen accident

Since then, Batochir has undergone several surgeries. But after seven months, she was able to walk for the first time on Thursday through therapy and 3D printed legs from Quantum Prosthetics.

“When I first tried my Prosthetics, it was so hard to imagine myself walking like I did today. It felt like it’s gonna be like years, but I’m just glad that it’s happening so fast and maybe also my own self-motivation that I want to just like get back on the road and just do normal things with my kids,” Batochir said.

Her attorneys filed a lawsuit back in December against the boat’s operator and captain. The case is still pending.

What is the Playpen?

The Chicago Scene Boat Party is a “raft-up” of over 800 boats that takes place in August on Lake Michigan at a spot on the lake called “The Playpen.”

The Playpen is one nautical mile off the coast of the Jardine Water Purification Plant (1000 East Ohio Street, Chicago, IL).

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