Kim Anami, the Vaginal Weight-lifter & Kung fu expert, weighs in on the new plague of effeminate “men”.

Kim is also known for her Deep Throat Love Song throatgasms.

The report features: 

  • Dr. Kim Anami, of the CUFDC (Center for Underf**ked Disease Control), who makes a return appearance to weigh in on the controversy. As our most trusted expert, she has fabulous advice for those seeking to ward off and develop natural immunity to the Beta Male Variants.
  • Exclusive footage of Beta and Alpha Variants in their natural habitats.
  • A graphic demonstration of the effects of the Beta Variant on women.
  • An inspiring rally cry for Alphas to make their return. We are waiting with bated breath and ready-to-open legs.


From Kim:

A great question I received after last week’s provocative episode, was:

Can Beta Variants be transformed into Alphas?

ANSWER: Yes, they can. Beta behavior is learned and acquired, both socially and physically. Any man can take charge of his life and make massive changes and in a short period of time. Your sexual energy is the quantum leap shortcut to getting there. Once you have mastery over it, that dominion extends to all parts of your life: woman, confidence, finances, career.

Sexual Mastery for Men opens for registration next week.

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