JOBBIE GIRL Model Search is on!

Jobbie Crew is based in Detroit, Michigan

Jobbie Crew has a pirate ship called the Mystic Maiden, thousands of great friends and we’re an online daily variety blog comprised of fun global news, events, entertainment, boating and more.

We are known for JOBBIE NOONER and THE RAFT OFF, two of the largest boat parties in the world. The boat parties are held on beautiful Lake St. Clair, Michigan, just north of Detroit.

We did not create the parties. We just love them oh so much. JOBBIE GIRL Model Search is on!

We like to call Jobbie Crew “A daily source of fun!

On average, our website receives over 1.5 million+ visitors per year. JOBBIE GIRL Model Search is on!

We are seeking HOT GIRLS who want to be PAID MODELS. We have a ton of work that needs to be done and we need your help. 

If you think you have what it takes (or if you know a girl who has what it takes) then please email us at:

[email protected]

MODELS, in your emails to us, please include the following:

  • Some photos of yourself
  • Some information about who you are (fun bio’s are the best bio’s)
  • Past experience (it is not necessary but it’s always a plus)
  • What city you are located in

You MUST be over 18+ years old.

You must be willing to do photo shoots in the Downtown Detroit and Lake St Clair areas. 

You must be Professional. We will not hire undependable flakes for gigs. 


What does being Professional mean?

Responding to communications (ie: calls, texts, emails) promptly, arriving on-time, having a positive attitude, good sense of humor and being consistently cool to work with. 

We don’t care how hot you are or think you are, if you are not Professional, we will not work with you. 



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Jobbie JOBBIE GIRL Model Search is on! JOBBIE GIRL Model Search is on! JOBBIE GIRL Model Search is on! JOBBIE GIRL Model Search is on!



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