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Our website,, is an online daily variety blog comprised of fun global news, events, entertainment, boating and more.

We like to call it “A daily source of fun!

On average, we receive over 1.5 million+ visitors per year.

Jobbie Crew in Detroit!

Normally, we average 30,000-50,000 monthly visitors.

Currently, in addition to every single state in the USA, our top countries are: Russia, France, UK, Germany, Australia, Mexico and India.

Jobbie Crew is the owner of the Mystic Maiden pirate ship on Lake St. Clair & the Detroit River and our biggest events are Jobbie Nooner and The Raft Off.

Top 500 posts all time

Jobbie Crew’s Top 500 Posts of All-Time!


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Top 500 posts all time




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