Our response to the Detroit News inaccurate and false reporting Saturday we have responded to the Detroit News reporter Sam Jones with the following email:

Good evening Sam,

We would like to point out the inaccurate facts you listed in your article Saturday about the Jobbie Crew and Raft Off 2020.
Jobbie Crew is not a “club”. We are another news information / entertainment website like the Detroit News that reports on all sorts of stuff, including boat parties that happen not only locally but around the world. We promote safe and responsible boating and often even work & donate to our local law enforcement agencies.
We are not the organizers or sponsors of the Raft Off or any other boating event that happens around Lake St. Clair.
We clearly state on our website (and all of our articles) that we are not the organizers or the promoters. What we do is the reporting to figure out who started the parties and what year and how, going all the way back to the early seventies for Jobbie Nooner. We push for safe boating and for people to leave the lake cleaner than they found it.
Your permalink/tagline of “Jobbie crew defies Governor Whitmer’s orders of parties of more than 250” was not only false, it was misleading and slanderous.
We are disappointed that you didn’t even bother to contact us about any facts whatsoever until the morning of the event while the event was well underway.
All of these events have been going on far longer than the Jobbie Crew has been around and will continue to go on long after we are gone.
At the very least we are requesting that you correct the article to say that we are not the promoters or organizers of this party and to change the permalink to remove “Jobbie Crew defies Whitmer order.”
The Jobbie Crew did not defy the order. The 20,000 people and 3,000 boats did that on their own.
Thank you for your time.
The Jobbie Crew.


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