Codecasa Jet 2020

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What a unique yacht concept.

Created by Fulvio Codecasa in Viareggio, Italy. The Codecasa family have been in the boat-building business since 1825.

The Codecasa Jet 2020‘s aeronautical design features include the rounded forward section of the yacht, with a helm area that resembles an airplane’s cockpit.

The central section of the superstructure is more akin to a fuselage with a sundeck, while the aft end ticks up to echo the tail of an aircraft. The main benefit of this aviation-inspired shape is large internal volume, says Codecasa, describing the interior as “huge.”

Codecasa Jet 2020

The aft beach club at sea level is possibly the most stylish section of the yacht. It has an elevator and is connected to a sky lounge. With floor-to-ceiling windows in the main salon and dining area, the views promise to be unrivaled. A helipad sits atop, so the owners can indulge in real flight, too. When heading ashore, a double tender area with the look of a jet engine is located along the side of the yacht.

The bow area on the main deck is dedicated to the owner’s suite. There are 4 guest cabins on the lower deck. For those looking to maximize outdoor time, the sundeck is a massive 66 feet by 33 feet, with a covered gym, sunbathing pads and a 20-foot recessed swimming pool.

The Jet2020 will be built to Lloyds and MCA standards, so it can be registered under the most important international certification flags.


Codecasa Jet 2020

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