World Waterski Record Run 145 Skiers Official Team Video HD

On 27 Jan 2012, the Horsehead Water Ski Club pulled 154 water skiers from a deep start. 145 completed the full nautical mile. Eagle, a 3100 horsepower tourist catamaran, was temporarily fitted with custom propellers. It took 21 seconds to pull 154 skiers out of the water in 2012. In 2010 Eagle with standard propellers needed 100 seconds to pull 118 skiers (124 attempted the start, 114 skiers finished the run). When you visit Tasmania (Australia), make sure you go for a tour on World Heritage Cruises’ Eagle. Amazing boat, location and tour. This record eclipses our 114 skier record set in 2010 and the Cairns Powerboat Club 100 Skier Record set in 1986



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