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We put together a list of seven places that are known to be houseboat-friendly. Hopefully, one or some of our recommendations would give you the much-needed inspiration of finding the best place for your houseboat.

# 1

The Ijburg District -Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Dutch practically invented floating houses, since houseboats have been the norm for hundreds of years. The Maas River is surprisingly the home of 37 brightly-colored floating homes with their state-of-the-art system of dykes and canals, and the concrete foundations and secure posts that hold them together near the river’s edge to withstand seasonal flooding. Whether your floating home is a simple cottage or a large-than-life mansion, this unique part of Amsterdam is an excellent choice to consider.

# 2

The Great Lakes, Michigan

Remote and beautiful, the Great Lakes of Michigan is the ideal summer-home destination. Practical designs of houseboats make up the floating-home community, with the homes being held by steel platoons, which lets them adapt to any water level. Not only will you fit right in with the place’s contemporary flair, but you’ll also take comfort in occasional snowbird-sightings, when you’ll see these magnificent birds fly over the Great Lakes.

Houseboat Michigan

# 3

Scarborough Bluffs – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Said to be the only float home community in Ontario, these neighborhoods surround you with the natural beauty and tranquility that the Scarborough Bluffs have to offer. Want to escape the busy city life? Then this place is for you, especially when living in a houseboat. Every day, you’ll wake up to the beautiful sunrise and the soft calling of seagulls in the morning. No need to worry about technical needs in this water paradise, since all of the floating homes here are equipped with AC, heating, electricity, and even Wi-Fi.

# 4

Lake Austin -Austin, Texas

Lake Austin is a haven for boaters, kayakers, and nature buffs. This place is more forest-based, since many trees and hills surround the beautiful, serene lakes that make up this paradise. This water paradise is also efficient in flood control and generating enough electricity to make the houseboat owner satisfied.

Houseboat Michigan

# 5

Tomahawk Island – Portland, Oregon

Along the banks of the Columbia River is another popular floating neighborhood, courtesy of Tomahawk Island in Portland. “Rows of floating homes create this bastion, along with the grocery stores, tourist traps, eateries, etc. that are convenient to get to—almost no travel required! And since there’s no property sales tax, that’s one less expense to worry about, when living in this water paradise” says Heike Ramey, a travel blogger at Essayroo and Academized.

# 6

Fraser River – Ladner, British Columbia

Fraser River is not only home to a floating neighborhood, but it’s also where you’ll see the historic town of Ladner in British Columbia. You’ll notice the history of the former fishing village through its plentiful dykes, canals, and marinas that it has to offer. This place is also waterfowl- and bald-eagle-friendly, and takes pride in wildlife conservation with its parks and bird sanctuaries. Just thirty minutes away from the US border, Fraser River is almost all ferry-and-kayak travel, and has convenient businesses and restaurants at your disposal.

# 7

Tagg’s Island – London, United Kingdom

If living in the Queen’s land is your cup of tea, then Tagg’s Island on the Thames River of London is your go-to destination. Fun fact: this place was once a popular spot in the 1960s for hippies, who came up with the concept of floating homes lifestyle. “This adventurous, nonconformist mindset was what created the bastion of floating homes that you’ll see to this day in the heart of London. Not only are the houseboats there both luxurious and spacious, there are also built with garden space and vehicle access. You can even enjoy viewing the Thames River itself and the busy metropolis from the comfort of your own home” explains Fernando Clarkson, a lifestyle writer at Academ advisor and UK writings.

Houseboat Michigan


Railroad Stateroom (Manistee, Michigan)


This Airbnb houseboat used to be a 1920 railroad car ferry.

The ship used to cross Lake Michigan carrying freight.

Now, you can stay on the upper deck overnight for only $89. You’ll feel like you rule the open waters when staying on this boat.

Houseboat Michigan
Houseboat Michigan


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