High definition chart of No Wake zones for Anchor bay/Lake St Clair/North, Middle and South Channel

Download the chart here


The Crew has been boating in and around Anchor Bay for a long time. Nowhere on any chart are there any symbols to that show no wake zones. There was even some disagreement between members of the crew what was where.

We searched high and low on the internet and found some copies of copies of a fax, Some confusing DNR rules and Lake St Clair Guide (which is an awesome resource)has a small map their guide but we wanted more detail.

So we did some digging and with some input from the St Clair County Sherrif put together a new and improved No Wake zone chart for Lake St Clair.

Right now this only includes Anchor Bay the North Channel, Middle Channel and the South Channel but we will continue to publish more and more documents as they are created.

We have also started a new section called the Captains Corner. (Yes the Captain is a real captain (also a pilot as well)) The fist article (ran yesterday) “Why you should have a VHF radio on your boat and the proper way to use it”. The Jobbie Crew has created  “Captains team” with 4 other USCG captains and

The Jobbie Crew has created a  “Captains dream team” with 4 other USCG captains and plan to bring more boating safety videos and series later on this summer. Do you have any questions you want answered about boating on the lake then drop us a line at [email protected] and will get the answers

So until then here is the link for an 8.5 x 11 printable PDF that you can keep on your boat.

If you see something we missed please drop us a line at [email protected] so we can update it!