Freedom Boat Club Lake St Clair adds 2 more boats to it’s fleet!

Freedom Boat Club

Freedom Boat Club of Lake St. Clair located in the heart of Harrison Township / Boat Town USA at the Hideaway Harbor Marina. Freedom is the fun, hassle and maintenance free, nationwide, and, most importantly, affordable alternative to boat ownership. Rick and Steve Dobreff bring this one-of-a-kind and popular hassle free boating club way of life to South East Michigan with one vision in site – to get more people back out on the water.

Right now they have the following boats:
2016 Cobia 220 Center Console 22′ 9 people
2016 Hurricane Crossfire Ski and Wakeboard 21′ 10 people
2016 Key West 239 DFS Bowrider 23′ 9 people
2016 Bennington SX22 Pontoon 23′ 10 people

New for 2017:
24′ Sea Ray Sun Dancer
Bennington 22SSRXCP – Tri-toon

If you are new to the boating community or just tired of maintaining your boat this is the way to go.

Below are just some of the benefits of becoming the newest member of Freedom Boat Club:

  1. History – The Nation’s Oldest and Largest Member’s-Only Boat Club
  2. Locations –  Year round access to 110+ locations in 21 states and Canada and growing
  3. 9 Great Lakes Locations –  3 locations in Michigan (Lake St. Clair, St. Joseph, and Lake Charlevoit, 3 in Ohio (Catawaba Bay, Cleveland Rocky River, Huron), and 1 in Chicago, Michigan City – Indiana, and Buffalo – New York.
  4. Florida – 45+ locations all over Florida to escape the long dreary cold Michigan winters
  5. Fleet – 1,100 + of the latest model and wide variety of quality boats
  6. Training – Unlimited free hands-on training
  7. Hassle-free service – No cleaning, maintenance, towing and storage
  8. Insurance – Comprehensive insurance, including liability, hull, machinery, and towing
  9. Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8 am to 6:00 pm; Saturday-Sunday sunrise-sunset
  10. Reservations: Unlimited boat usage available through state-of-art on-line reservation system and spur-of-the-moment boating
  11. Socials: Attend fun company-sponsored social events and fishing and boating seminars
  12. Costs: THE AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE TO BOAT OWNERSHIP – A one-time membership fee and low monthly dues

Membership in Freedom Boat Club is simple, affordable and open to all boating enthusiasts, whether you are a seasoned captain or a newcomer to the water. Use as often as you wish and bring anyone aboard, including pets, for fishing, cruising, beaching, water skiing, snorkeling, or whatever you desire.

Around the country, the fleet consists of a variety of high quality boats, such as center console fishing boats, dual console bow riders, deck boats, pontoons, crusiers, sailboats, paddle boards, kayaks and more. Members are not limited to the same boat – or the same type of boat – each time they go on the water can be a new boating experience. At Lake St. Clair, the fleet is starting with the Cobia 220 Center Console Fishing Boat, Hurricane  Crossfire Wake / Ski boat, Key West 239 Dual Console Bowrider, and Bennington Tri-toon with more to come as membership grows.

Tired of the headaches of owning a boat – expense, maintenance, cleaning, repairs, towing, insurance, storage, and ulimited repair and maintancence fees. Not with Freedom Boat Club! We handle all of the headaches associated with boating. As a member, there are NO boat storage fees, insurance fees, service fees, cleaning fees, and/or expensive maintenance bills. You don’t have to store a boat in your garage. You don’t have to tow a boat. You just drive to one of our 110+ locations and your boat is waiting for you. You don’t waste your time cleaning the boat before and after use. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about whether the boat is going to start. We handle all of the necessary maintenance and the cost of the maintenance.

As a member, you will be given the “Red Carpet Treatment” on your journey to the hassle-free boating experience and enjoying the fun of boating.  Leave the never ending headaches to us. All you have to do is reserve your trip and meet us at the marina dock. Attendants help load your belongings into the boat and go through a checklist to make sure everything is working and up to the Club’s, and most importantly, the member’s standards. Once you are satisfied with the boat, you begin your hassle-free adventure creating memories that will last a life time. At the end of the day, our attendants will be waiting for you to assist you with docking and securing the boat. They then help you off the boat and unload your gear from the boat. You then return the keys, pay for the gas and leave the boat with us. The attendants clean up the boat to get it ready for the next customer. It’s that easy.

Members who join on a year round basis enjoy reciprocal access and can boat at any of the 110+ Freedom Boat Clubs locations in 21 states and Canada with more in the works; 4 times at each reciprocal location with access to over 1,100+ boats. This includes 45 locations around the State of Florida. 45 x 4 means Snowbirds can go out into the ocean on a boat 180 days during the winter while your friends suffer through the Michigan winter. This is one of the most valued features of the Freedom membership, especially for boaters in states like Michigan. Freedom allows members to have full access to the boats during the summer months and the freedom to travel and continue to have the same access to the boats if they spend the winters south and/or while on vacation in the warmer climates.

Whether you seek a fast paced fishing adventure, a low key cruise down to Metro Beach, a lunch or dinner at many of the incredible water-front restaurants, and/or sunset at the dock overlooking Lake St. Clair, the Freedom Boat Club is your hassle free way to enjoy the luxuries of boating without the hassles.

The Freedom Boat Club of Lake St. Clair – The Boat is Waiting. Why Are You?

Call Steve Dobreff at 586-873-7791 or email him at  if you are interested or have questions about becoming the newest member to join the Freedom Boat Club way of life.

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