Elon Musk rumored to be coming to RAFT OFF on a $250 million dollar superyacht!?!

That’s right, folks!

The golden boy himself, Mr. Elon Musk, may be zooming into Raft Off this year on a $250 million dollar superyacht.

Will he be smoking a fat blunt with a bunch of smoking hot chicks onboard? With any luck.

Mark Zuckerberg’s entire FACE falls off during a conference, revealing a cold, unfeeling android underneath his hyper-realistic human shell.

In other news:

Mark Zuckerberg’s entire FACE falls off during a conference on creating Facetok (the TikTok altervative), revealing what we suspected all along: a cold, unfeeling android lurks just underneath his hyper-realistic human shell!

We’ll be following these astonishing, hair-raising stories all April Fool’s Day and every April Fool’s Day, if we have to.

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