The Dropkick Murphys are a Celtic punk band from Massachusetts.

The name Dropkick Murphys came from the nickname given to Massachusetts-born professional wrestler and sanatorium owner John E. “Dropkick” Murphy. In addition to his work in the ring, Murphy operated the Bellows Farms Sanatorium in Acton, which Casey calls a “primitive detox” center. “When fighters or people would be out drinking, he would give them paraldehyde or horse tranquilizers and help them taper down,” Casey says. “I always heard old guys my grandfather’s age say, ‘Oh, I was in Dropkicks,’ or ‘They took me to Dropkick Murphys.’ We were just like, ‘That’d be a cool name for a band.’”

Come see them blast some faces, boyo.

Dropkick Murphys LIVE

What:          Dropkick Murphys

When:         Saturday, October 21, 2023

Where:        Dow Event Center (303 Johnson St, Saginaw, MI)

Time:          7:00 p.m.

Cost:           $35-$55

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