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DIY Dumpster Pool!

If you’re tired of growing marijuana inside an underground boxcar or underground dumpster, just stop, take a puff, stop again, take another puff, stare at your hands, look at the sky, then unearth the boxcar or dumpster and convert it into a backyard swimming pool!

Truck in the dumpster and bury it.

Dumpster Dive DeLux in New Orleans has created The Pool Box. This is basically a recycled dumpster dressed up all fancy and made into a cool backyard swimminbg pool!

Cover with blue plastic liner and fill with water. Boom! Insta-Kentuckian Communal Bathtub.

Simple construction: blue plastic liner, modular wood frame, pumps hidden underneath with removable access panels, then just add a shiteload of water and you’re good to go!

Dumpster Dive DeLux facebook page

DIY Pool Dumpster Yahoo article

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