Debbie the Glass Lady

Do you need a tacky oversized cup to feel special? Well here’s your chance, big daddy cuz Debbie the Glass Lady is there for you!

Snoop Dogg

Debbie Harrison lives on the gritty South Side of Chicago. Since 1999, she’s made a living crafting “personalized custom decorative chalices” (aka: Pimp Cups).

George Clinton & Pimp Cupper

Snoop, Shaq, Fidel Cashflow, George Clinton, Paris Hilton, etc, all be drinking pimp juice out they pimp cup. These ornately decorated trophy-goblets sell anywhere from $100.00 to $1,000+ for more expensive diamond-encrusted cups.

Debbie’s Studio

Debbie blows her own glass, fires her pieces in a kiln and hand bakes them at over 2,000degrees F. She also makes crowns, canes, eye glasses, bejeweled headphones, kiddie cups, puppy cups. Debbi has found her niche.

Blinged Out Hairdryer & Curling Iron!

Call Debbie (773) 340-8413 You’ll hear a pre-recorded message where you can leave your info.

Chicago pimp Don “Magic” Juan

Debbie the Glass Lady Facebook page

Official Pimp Cup

Debbie Glasses

Hef’s ex-gf Kendra Wilkinson
Obama Cup
Funerary Urn
Andy Milonakis & Debbie


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